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Without a data center there is neither digitization, nor progress or business

Data center are the heart and the brain of the IT. Without them networks, ERP, IoT, production, logistics and machine data would be pointless. Streaming, social media, banking transactions, artificial intelligence and advances in any research would be impossible. No industry would be viable.

Data center are construction and operation, location and market, power guzzlers and heat producers, networks, virtualization, applications, storage, (cloud native) services, security… the lists could be continued endlessly.



DataCenter-Insider provides decision-makers and admins who are supposed to deal with data center issues with know-how: in-depth, relevant and up-to-date.

Ulrike Ostler

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Source: IVW announcement as of 12/2019

Database of registered users of BigData-Insider, Blockchain-Insider, Cloud-Computing-Insider, DataCenter-Insider, Dev-Insider, IP-Insider, Security-Insider and Storage-Insider.

Status 12/2019

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