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For Professionals in the Medtech Industry

DeviceMed is THE community medium for decision-makers in design engineering and production as well as for executives at medical device manufacturers. DeviceMed as the leading industry medium* has a circulation of as many as 13,000 copies and offers a highly attractive cost per mille. The related website accounts for more than 76,000 page impressions per month and is another efficient platform for your communication. A transparent pricing model on ad impression basis makes it easy for you to measure your marketing success.

Partnerships with organizers of leading medical engineering trade fairs substantiate the portfolio. DeviceMed provides visibility with its official COMPAMED preview, the trade fair journal COMPAMED-Daily, trade fair forums and other live events, promoting personal contact with your target group. Last but not least, our experienced editors actively run a network for all players in the industry through the XING Ambassador Community for Medicine Technology which has more than 25,000 members. In short, DeviceMed knows the industry, and the industry knows DeviceMed – and that also includes your company and your products.

DeviceMed offers the matching media formats for your effective communication with the Medtech industry.

Oliver Barthel
Publisher MM Group

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