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We’ve bundled our service portfolio in the Vogel Communications Group. With our specialist media, professional events and agency services we upgrade your professional communication.


Quality journalism pays off, on all sides!

Readers, users and visitors appreciate our PRINT, DIGITAL and EVENT CONTENT, as we prepare the content for each channel professionally, competently and with a focus on the target groups. That‘s because the same principle applies for print, digital, events and anything else: only journalistic quality, resulting from strong editorial competence, enables us to stay relevant and successful.

In order for us to permanently remain a specialist media support with high utility value for our readers, users and events participants, we again need the wide-ranging commitment of our advertising customers over the coming year.

In the 108th year of its history, »kfz-betrieb« is still the only specialist media brand to the vehicle trade whose content covers all target groups in the automotive sector.

Wolfgang Michel
Editor-in-chief »kfz-betrieb«

kfz-betrieb at a glance

Facts and figures

actual distributed
circulation (ADC)*
highest sold circulation of all comparable specialist titles**
managers and decision-makers are active on every month
newsletter recipients***
Fans & Followers
Ø Visits per month
Ø PageImpressions per month

* Average no. of copies per issue (7/1/17 – 6/30/18)

** According to IVW II/18

*** as of 07/18

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